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Fretzel Safe Social Kids App

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FINALLY A SOCIAL APP THAT PARENTS & KIDS CAN AGREE ON! Fretzel is a safe texting app designed for kids and governed by parents. We provide a Safe Social Platform for Kids and confidence for parents in the digital age. NO IN-APP PURCHASES. NO IN-APP ADS
WHY USE FRETZEL?This texting app was created for and in collaboration with kids ages 5-10. Allow your child to text within a safe, secure environment.
Fretzel offers a solution for parents to coach their kids on how to behave in the digital world. Unlike other communication solutions on the market, Fretzels patent-pending technology was built from the ground up for kids and their parents.
Fretzel includes built-in parental controls to ensure kids have fun in a safe environment while their parents sleep well at night knowing they are raising digitally conscious kids. Education in these formative years can go a long way towards cyberbullying awareness and prevention as our kids transition into more unstructured and unsupervised forums.
Fretzel complies with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act.
FEATURES OF THE KIDS APP:→ Text with one or a group of friends all at once→ Add and remove friends or yourself from any conversation→ Customize font, font color, bubble color and profile image
FEATURES OF THE ONLINE PARENT DASHBOARD→ Approve each child’s registration and friend requests→ Review all chat logs→ Set daily usage limits and usage schedules→ Proactively monitor all chats through custom alerts
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